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Free Trial Class

Welcome! I'm so glad you want to try out a free trial yoga class! My classes are taught in 8 week sessions so you can develop a consistent practice and progressively grow stronger and more flexible. A yoga practice is an endless path to self discovery and growth. Through movement, breathing techniques and meditations you will tap into your strength and allow your mind and body to become more flexible.

Select the date of your free class when you sign up and I'll send you the Zoom link. There is no obligation to join the session but I sure hope you do! Invite a friend or relative to join you!

Benefits include:

  • Be a part of a yoga community.

  • Understand your own body mechanics and how to become more aware of your physical body and the mind/body connection.

  • Access to the class recordings during the session to use as a make up or to experience the classes again.

  • Feel better in your body, improve your mood and your quality of sleep.


"I wanted to thank you for the excellent Yoga Stress Relief Toolkit Series of classes that you have offered.  Greg and I look forward to Mondays and it has been the highlight of our week.  Your expertise in demonstrating poses on a variety of levels has helped us immensely to choose the best “fit.” We are newer to yoga and have found immeasurable benefits.  It is the time when I challenge myself physically and mentally and have the most focus.  The sessions are all so unique and your enthusiasm is appreciated.  We are so thankful you were able to transition to an online format and enjoy the ease of doing yoga right in our home. Many thanks, Anne!"


 - Tracy & Greg

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