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Hello, my name is Anne Lamberty and I thank you for visiting my site. Yoga is a place of discovery and connection which starts on the mat and continues off of the mat.  I believe in the transformational power of yoga and invite you to find yourself through your breath, movement and stillness.

Join me to learn more about your body mechanics and how your yoga practice can serve you and make you feel better physically and mentally.


Designed For You

Design the yoga practice that works for you. I offer a group class setting through Zoom if you enjoy sharing your energy with others or choose private sessions if you have specific goals and conditions you would like to address. I teach other offerings through online workshops. My session classes focus on engaging muscles to strengthen and increase flexibility. The classes are all levels with options with props or modifications. My aim is for you to understand your unique body and move with your full potential. Yoga is not about the pose but the journey along the way. Have a look at what I offer.