Yoga Nidra Evening Rest

Yoga Nidra Evening Rest

This is a special evening of profound rest through guided relaxation. It's done lying down with no effort involved and nothing for you to do but experience deep rest. 


    1. Register: Complete your registration by 5pm, Monday, September 21st.
    2. Download and register for the free Zoom app
    3. Check your email for the Zoom link
    4. Find a quiet space for your practice and let the household know that you will be unavailable for the hour. You can even tell them that I said so! Turn your ringer off on your phone or leave it out of the area where you will be practicing if you are doing Zoom through your laptop.
    5. Gather 4 blankets and a small towel or eye pillow. Set up a comfortable spot on the floor with 2 blankets for padding for your back. Roll up a blanket to put behind your knees and place one blanket behind your head. The purpose of Yoga Nidra is to be in a relaxed comfortable state but not necessarily to fall asleep. You can use your bed if you want but be aware that your bed may trigger you to go right to sleep.
    6. Around 6:30pm, check in to see how you feel. If you are feeling restless, do 20-30 minutes of gentle yoga or stretching before getting onto the call. When I lead my in person Nidra I guide my students through 30 minutes of slow movement to get the kinks out prior to being still. For this virtual class we will start with only a few minutes of movement prior to the guided relaxation.
    7. Log into the Zoom meeting at 7:10pm using the link at the bottom of the page. Dim your lights and create a relaxing ambiance. If you have one, turn on your lavender scented diffuser or scent your eye towel to further enhance your experience.
    8. You will receive the Zoom link after you register. 

    I don't want you to miss this evening of rest! I am not issuing refunds but if you are unable to attend the class  you can gift your spot to someone who needs a good rest. Kindly have your lucky recipient contact me in advance so I can give him/her the link. 


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