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Time well spent

"If only I had more time." "I need more time." Who hasn't uttered these words. We often don't get time back but today we gain an hour due to Day Light Savings. So now that you gained an hour how will you spend it? I have decided to look at it as a reminder to invite in something that I often don't do since, "I don't have time." I'm going to work on my hand lettering which for me requires focused concentration, Dharana, which we explored in last weeks class.

I'm not sure why we often don't do things that we enjoy. We decide we will do it after we do the chores or work and then, whoa where did the time go? When we constantly prioritize the "to do list" we deplete our energy and lose touch with what brings us joy. Go enjoy what makes you happy. Today you can't say you don't have the extra time. Let's make this our fresh start to prioritizing what brings us joy. Go dance, bake, craft, play the piano or whatever you enjoy just for your own pleasure and let me know what you did to fill your cup.

I will add that I will be spending some time looking at dogs in costumes videos since to me that is time well spent. If you have any pet pictures send them my way!

There are 5 class videos available if you want to do yoga today!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for yoga class!



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